Destiny, Eschatology, Eternity, Fear of God, Intimacy

The Fear of God

In my early years as a Christian, God was kind enough to reveal Himself to me as Papa, as Best Friend. However, because that was the only thing I understood about Him, I quickly fell into the hyper-grace camp. I simply did not understand how the Daddy I knew and loved so well should be someone I feared too.

He was quick to correct that.

I remember the first time He revealed Himself as the God of Glory to me. I was so frightened! The awesome holiness of the Lord filled the room in such a fearful way that I literally crawled under a chair to hide from Him. I wanted to run, but there was nowhere to run. He was everywhere. I felt like I was going to die in terror.

I understand now that He was restoring to me a correct and balanced view of Himself. So often we fashion Him into an image that we are comfortable with. That is a very grave error. We must see Him as He is, not as we want Him to be. We cannot pick the parts of Him we like, and ignore the parts that we are uncomfortable with.

God is Papa, but He is also Judge. He is Love, but He is also Holy. He is Lamb, but He is also Lion. He is Kind, but He is also full of righteous wrath. I do not pretend to understand the mystery of God, I have barely scratched the surface. But this I know – holy love and holy fear go hand in hand. Intimacy has been restored to the Church, and it is high time that fear and reverence be restored too.

This is a good read written by Dr. Michael Brown –


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