Longing, Prayer, Purpose, The Church

The Beauty Of The Lord

Day and night
Night and day 
Let incense rise 
You are worthy of it all

This is the anthem of my heart. My eyes have seen the beauty and the worthiness of God, and He has wrecked me for anything less. How I long for the day when these words are more than a song sung in church. How I long for the day when unceasing worship and adoration becomes a reality, yes, even on this side of eternity. How I long for the day when He finally has a resting place in our midst, when His presence comes, and covers, and STAYS – because we, His people, have chosen to draw near and finally build Him the altars He deserves. 

“Surely I will not go into the chamber of my house, Or go up to the comfort of my bed; I will not give sleep to my eyes Or slumber to my eyelids, Until I find a place for the LORD, A dwelling place for the Mighty One of Jacob.” (‭Psalms‬ ‭132‬:‭3-5‬ NKJV)

David saw. Let this generation see too. Let false altars be torn down, and true ones built. He is so, so worthy. Words fail.


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