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Year In Review

I’m so thankful for all 2014 has brought. It’s been quiet on the outside, but everything’s changed inside my heart. There’s something about journeying through the processes of life with God that brings about a deep trust and communion that wouldn’t have come about otherwise. It is true, He brings us into deep waters not to drown us but to cleanse us and to draw us closer into His heart.

I’m so excited for the new things 2015 has in store! I’m not afraid when He is by my side. I can trust the One who holds my heart, my life, and everything else in between. He’s walked me through the darkest valleys and through the most joyful mountaintops, and He will walk me through everything else that comes my way in 2015 – good and bad.

Lord, I’ll trust You and I’ll surrender, every step of the way. My life is not my own, and am I ever so glad for it.


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