Consecration, Fear of God, Grace, Musings

Love Leads Us Into Truth

For Your lovingkindness is before my eyes, and I have walked in Your truth. – Psalm 26:3

David knew the love of God, and he responded to the love of God by walking in truth. The love of God is not a flippant love that condones sin and injustice. It is not a meek and blind love that says, “Do as you please, because I love and forgive you anyway.”  

It is a fierce love that commands overwhelming desire and wholehearted response. It is a strong love that will provoke entirety and cause one to burn every bridge and leave all behind to follow Him and His ways – willingly. There is no other possible response, not in the face of a love like this. 

The love of God transforms, inside and out, yielding the fruits of truth, because such is the nature of Love. A life that has truly encountered the love of God can never be the same. A heart that has truly encountered the presence of God can never, ever be the same.


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