Consecration, Destiny, Eternity, Fear of God, Longing, Process, Purpose


“Can’t pretend that I am blind 
Can’t go back and raise the mind 
Naivety and wide eyed wonder are far from me
But at least now I see

It’s like I’m walking on a tightrope stretched across the universe
Way too high to go back from where I came
But oh the miles I’ve yet to take 

I’m too far in to turn around now
I’ve go too far to go to sit down now
Too far in 
Too far to go

Surrounded by blackness mingled with stars 
Keeping the sacred balance hoping I don’t fall
Don’t wanna fall
Don’t wanna walk when I disappear like cowards talk 

Hanging there in space 
My toes gripping the rope
The only hope
That golden thread that got me here
Will be the same that brings me to the end

You surround me
Your invisible hand 
Around and around
In this uncomfortable in between 
Where I’m too far in to turn around now”


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