Consecration, Destiny, Eternity, Fear of God, Musings, Purpose

What Matters?

Chasing the approval of man is vain pursuit. So much of people’s lives are lost in the whirlwind of vanity as they run after the applause of man. Will any of it really matter when we stand before Him at the end? If I have the favor of man but not the favor of God, I have nothing. If I gain the whole world, and lose my soul, I gain nothing.  

And so, we must ask ourselves, what is He really looking at? The answer to this question is crucial because if I spend my life chasing after the things that do not count in His eyes, I will have wasted it completely. But if I realign my focus to pursue what He will judge me on, my life has real power and true purpose. 

We all live for something. We had better get it right. 


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