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These are a few shots that were taken when I went to the beach today. Most of it are only a few minutes apart. They are completely unedited and unfiltered – taken only with an iPhone camera. The skies were so beautiful, they changed from cotton candy pink and blue one moment to fiery red the next. My pictures don’t do any justice, they come nowhere near the actual beauty of what I saw.









The beauty of it all is that it’s so unnecessary. He is so excessive when it comes to goodness. None of it is necessary at all, yet He still chooses to lavish it on us – simply because.

Doesn’t this say so much about the nature of His heart? He is not a God who holds back. Not in the skies, not in our lives. He is explosive, overwhelming, excessive, bursting and overflowing. 

If this is fallen earth, I cannot imagine what heaven will be like…

He leaves me breathless!


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