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I think many people have a warped understanding of what greatness is. When we talk about greatness in the Christian context, many think greatness is found in the size of their ministry, the stage, the big lights, their realm of influence, what an “anointed man/woman of God” people say they are. What if greatness is not found in any of that? Is a famous minister to the nations greater than an unknown housewife faithfully loving and serving her family? I don’t think so. The former simply has a bigger assignment, but greatness cannot be defined by the scale of our assignment (although we should serve faithfully in the spheres entrusted to us). To understand what greatness means, we must look back at the One who initiated our lives and find out He is searching for because He created us and He alone gets to define the standards of greatness. What is He searching for and what does He measure us by? What pleases Jesus? It is important to know the answers to these questions because in the fulfillment of them, we find real purpose and we attain true greatness. 

So what does He measure us by? He has not hidden it from us. He makes it so clear all throughout Scripture. I could go on and on, but to sum it up in one simple sentence, the greatest Christian is the one who loves Him the most, and the one who walks that love out in righteousness, holy fear, obedience to His commands and laid-down sacrificial love for people. The one who does this is counted as great. 

It would mean absolutely nothing if the whole world applauded me and told me how amazing I was, if God did not agree. It would be utterly pointless if I ticked all the boxes of what greatness looks like in the eyes of man, but completely miss out on what Jesus thinks is great. We all want to be great for God, but the key to being great is first found in understanding where it truly lies. 

God is the one who will evaluate me when I stand before Him at the end, not man. I will be evaluated by His standards, not man’s. We want to be great and significant in His eyes, because that is where it counts.


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