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Romance, Part of a Bigger Tapestry

This week I am diving deep into the Song of Solomon. I love seeing the heart of God revealed between the two lovers.

I once asked myself, “Why romance? Why marriage? Why is it necessary?” I’ve since realized my answer. Romance is part of a bigger tapestry. It reveals a glimpse of the bigger love story we are caught up in, one that shouts all across the universe, and one sometimes so incomprehensible that we cannot understand it unless it is revealed to us in the more obvious details of everyday life. And that is where romance and relationship comes in. The heart of it all is the same. Human love reflects divine love. The heart’s response to affection reflects the design that we were created for a bigger love. How a man pursues reveals how God pursues. How a woman’s beauty captivates reveals the nature of His beauty to draw us in. Sacrifice and compromise and fighting for love reveal to us the underlying undying nature of perfected love – a love that lasts. Perhaps romance and, eventually, mature love, is the greatest gift He gives to us to help us understand His love for us – and to understand how we are to respond to such a love.

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Day And Night, Let Incense Arise

Hello everyone. I apologize profusely for disappearing! I’ve been so busy moving across my country for an internship in the Penang House of Prayer (PenHOP). My days are 13 hour long, but they are spent dwelling in the manifest Presence of God day in and day out. It changes you, it really does. I’ve been writing a lot, God’s been overwhelming me to no end, and I think it’s about time I started posting again.

Here is a little insight into what we’re doing in PenHOP.


Here in one of the most Islamic nations in the world, there is a faithful company of people continually lifting up the name of Jesus. Here incense burns, prayers rise, and the name Jesus is declared. Here in this humble little room, God finds a resting place. (Psalm 132, Isaiah 66:1) It looks small and meek in the eyes of man – but far from it! As we intercede, as we praise and as we sing, the atmosphere of this whole nation shifts.

Build Your throne in this land
Come and claim her
Come and claim her.


In the midst of false idols and false temples, we are building the Lord a true altar of worship as a testimony of the worthiness and the beauty of Jesus. He is so worthy and He deserves more than the fragmented pieces of our distracted lives. He deserves more than a 20 minute worship service on a sleepy Sunday morning. His name deserves to be loved and declared day and night.

And so as His eyes run to and fro throughout the earth, let Him see fragrant incense and wholehearted devotion arising from this land. He is worthy of it all.