Bridal Paradigm, Desire, Longing, Love, Prayer, Worship


When I peer into His heart, I don’t see a tame love. I don’t see a love that is quiet. I see a raging wildfire. His heart… it pulsates with holy desire, consuming all who dare come near. It is fearsome.

When He said love is as strong as death, as unyielding as the grave, I did not understand just how much at first. But oh! How I sought to grasp it! How I have longed with all my heart to understand this love. How I cried.

And He is beginning to answer.

When I see the wildfire heart of Jesus, my own weak one trembles. When my eyes are opened to see this beautiful burning One, I am brought into a crumpled sobbing heap on my knees.

More and more Lord. More and more, I want to see. Will You let the heat of Your heart touch mine? Will You grip me and cause me to burn? Will You allow me to peer into the wonderful mystery of You all the days of my life?


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