Obedience out of love and obedience to earn love are two very different things. The first operates in delight and ease, and the latter causes us to strive in exhaustion. There is rest in the first, and an unease in the second.

What if you knew there was absolutely nothing you could do to change the fact that He already looks upon you in love and delight? What if obedience wasn’t to earn the affections of His heart, but instead, an expression of love and trust towards Him?

There is complete security in the embrace of the Father. His love for us is whole and perfect, not because we are perfect but because He is. When you understand that, obedience without condition is no longer a struggle.. it turns into the delight of a trusting child who wants nothing more than the smile of her Papa.

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Singing My Way Into The Truth

Every time I worship, I worship not from a place of having fully known. I sing from a place of my heart learning more and more the truths that I am singing. My lips pour fourth great and drastic exclamations of faith, and though my heart is but catching up, those words are not lies. I am broken, but He takes my weak worship and covers it in grace to make it real and beautiful unto Him.

I know Him to a measure. I have seen Him through my veiled eyes. So much so that He has become the first Beloved of my heart! Even so… I have but scratched the surface of knowing who this marvelous God is.

One day I will see Him fully and love Him fully. Until then, this is the pilgrimage of my heart… here in the waiting, here in the now but not yet, here in my brokenness – I will yet sing my way into the fullness of Truth and knowing.

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Bigger Than Life, Bigger Than Me

Some of God’s promises are too big to carry alone. It might be your promise but it might not come to pass unless someone else, or an entire community, or an entire generation, comes along to help you to carry it.

Some of His promises cannot even be contained in one single lifetime. What if we never see our promises come to pass fully in our lifetimes? What if our children, or our grandchildren, or the generations beyond were the ones who would carry them to pass? God promised Abraham children that would outnumber the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the shores. But he never saw it in his lifetime. Yet it is coming true today – unfolding more and more fully every passing day.

Don’t you see? It’s not about you. It’s not about your ministry, or your calling, or your destiny. It’s far bigger than that. When you start to see His Kingdom as a whole – as an establishment spanning from the beginning of Creation right until the end of age – one that covers entire lifetimes and whole generations – suddenly you realize that your life is but one tiny strand of the magnificent eternal tapestry He is weaving. Suddenly your eyes are lifted off your own life and fixed unto humanity’s story. Suddenly it’s not only about you as an individual but about the Bride as a whole. Suddenly it’s not only about fulfilling your own calling but about carrying the people around you into theirs. Suddenly it’s not only about what you will do in this life, but what you will raise your children to do. Suddenly it’s not “me” anymore… it’s “us”. It’s us – through Him, to Him, in Him and for Him.

We are His orchestra, and all of Creation is a symphony, building up unto one single grand crescendo – the revelation of the glorious Son.


Choices and Consequences

The story of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar and eventually, the Eastern Arabic lineage of Ishmael intruiges me. 

One woman’s doubt. 
One man’s lack of faith. 

The consequences of Abraham and Sarah’s mistrust in God have rippled through an entire generation and we are still seeing the disastrous effects of it today. What would have happened if they had believed in His promise of a son to them? What would have happened if they had chosen to trust Him with the desire of their hearts instead of taking things into their own hands? 

What has He promised to you? What is the desire of your heart that you waiting for? 

His promises may sound impossible and downright absurd sometimes. We look at the physical circumstances around us and we wonder how any of it will ever come to pass. Our hope is deferred time and time again and in the waiting our hearts grow sick. Like Sarah, we are tempted to take things into our own hands and settle for easier options instead of waiting for what seems like the impossible. 

But know that there is a great reward that awaits those who remain faithful and patiently endure the heartache of waiting. It is hard – but not as hard as facing the consequences and regret of disobedience. We may not understand it now, but our choices to trust and move forward in obedience (or the other way around) will set the course for the generations that come after us.

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Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka

Was at Dataran Merdeka for the first time tonight. It looked so.. regal. Sigh.

I’m so glad I was born in this land. I love Malaysia, and though it’s nothing but chaos all around me, while I breathe, I still hope for my nation. I know her worth in God’s heart. Malaysia is scorned by the nations, and even by her own people, but there is a purpose dreamed of in His heart for this nation that no eye has seen and no ear has heard.

See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the Lord rises upon you and his glory appears over you. – Isaiah‬ ‭60:2‬ ‭

This was spoken over Israel in approx 400 BC but today the same words resound over this nation. In the midst of some of the darkest years Malaysia has ever seen, His glory will erupt in the local Church like never before. The years that are coming will be turbulent, but in the midst of it all, His presence will be known more and more and His Church will stand as a sure lighthouse for this nation. Just you wait and see.

Happy Merdeka Day Malaysia. You are precious and not forgotten.