Where Does It All Come From?

Bursts of creativity hit me at the most inopportune of moments. I can go for hours sitting at my computer feeling absolutely mind-numb, unable to come up with even a single word. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere – there comes a rushing tide of emotion, thought and poetry. 

How strange it is that things always come to me when I least expect it. It’s been that way for most good things in my life. I guess it is no different with my writing.

Tonight I lie awake with words bursting through my veins and poetry tumbling out of me. 

I wonder where it all comes from. And I wonder why it comes to me.

Who will read?


2 thoughts on “Where Does It All Come From?

  1. Exactly my words, sometimes I go without a word a whole week and after that I am sitting at Uni and the whole article comes to me and hit me like a lightning! Well written,thank you 🙂


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