Musings, Process

Good Shepherd Of My Soul, Take My Hand and Lead Me On

Sometimes I think we need to give ourselves permission to go through the journey. Sometimes A doesn’t equal right away to B. It just doesn’t. Oh, if only it were so simple. But life isn’t simple. It’s messy, especially when the frail and tangled up human heart comes into the picture.

I wish we could always jump from A to B right away. From questions to answers. From brokenness to wholeness. From prophetic word, to promise fulfilled. But it doesn’t always happen like that. Most of the times there are all these little journeys in between – and we have to give ourselves permission to feel, and to wrestle, and to fall – all before we arrive at B.

God doesn’t condemn us. He is in the process. He is in the wrestling. The wrong decisions, the detours. He is big enough to handle it. It’s not as if He didn’t see it coming from the start. He’s not gonna fall off His throne.

There is more than enough grace for the journey. My prayer is not to be perfect enough to earn my way into the promise land. It is not to put my life on hold, or to play it safe. My prayer is to walk close with Jesus through it all, and that He would always lead me to exactly where I need to be – yes, despite me.


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