Musings, Poetry, Process, Words

Once Upon A Dream 

So much has changed in (a little more than) a year

So much has happened 

So much has shifted and broken within my heart 

I started on this road naive and believing

Stumbled a lot along the way

Lost so much 

And learned even more.


Knowing what I know now

I wish I could do it all over again

I would have done so much better.


Mercy, mercy. 

Mercy, erase it all

Mercy, please let me start new. 

Home is where you are

Won’t you come and call me back?

Whisper tenderly to this heart 

“I’m on my way 

It’s not too late 

You’re never too far gone

Wait for me

I will come for you I promise 

And it will all be worth it.” 


Mercy. Mercy. 


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