revival, The Church

Heaven Come 

Over the last few days my newsfeed has been full with live updates of stadiums packed out with hungry worshippers. From Los Angeles to KL City, I see thousands upon thousands of hearts that have been set on fire for only one thing – that Yeshua be exalted amongst the nations. 

The revivals of old were started by individuals. One man. One small group. Revival came, but just as quickly, it went. 

But what happens when the entire body of Christ comes together? What happens when the Church wakes up to see the depravity of the times we live in, and understands that our only answer is a holy visitation from God Himself? Not more works, not more projects, not more agendas, not more one man shows – but the rain of heaven itself. What happens when generations young and old and nations far and wide come together to lift up one desperate heart cry? 

People say Christianity is dying out. They say it is obsolete. No my friends. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will understand that the greatest move of God throughout all of human history has just begun. 

These are the things that the saints of old could only dream of – but we get to walk in them. What a glorious time it is to be alive. What a joy it is to be counted amongst those who get to usher in His purposes here on earth. There is no greater cause worth giving our lives to. 


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