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It’s been almost a year since I moved here. A year of growing and learning, falling hard, picking myself back up and growing again. A year of breaking and healing, and breaking and healing again. A year of doing life with the most amazing community I’ve ever known (you know who you are, I love you). A year of learning (as usual, always the hard way) that the world out there can be a harsh place – and that things aren’t always as they seem – but also that good can come out of the ugliest situations. That in the midst of it all I can always find a place of rest and refreshing in the comfort of His presence. And that there remains no true life outside of it.

I look back now and I don’t recognize the girl I was a year ago. I’m so glad I came. It’s been difficult, but in many ways, so good. 

Sometimes I wonder how long my season here will be. Have I overstayed my time? Or is there still more to learn? Where is home?  

It doesn’t matter though. I will simply grow where I am planted. And I will ready my heart for whatever there is to come. I will incline my ear faithfully to my Father and trust in His perfect leadership over my life. 

Is He not the one who makes all things come together in His time? He is. 

So I rest. 


3 thoughts on “Seasons 

  1. It has been almost a year for me too. 13,000 miles away from home. On autopilot, almost every four years, a desire to do something different. 5 years ago, I wanted to do the same, whimsically wanted learn Mandarin in a country I didn’t really like. But I ended up with a new job, fulfilling job. Yet I decided to leave again. So, I believe you would know if you have overstayed. Or maybe there is no need to worry about that. And sometimes we can’t really see beyond the corner. But what matters most are the questions and answers you find along the way. All the best!


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