I Refuse To Be My Emotions

Emotions that are aligned to the truth can be powerful, but emotions that aren’t can entirely blind you – especially if you are a strong feeler like me. They can lead you down an entire road of deception if you allow them to become your steering wheel. My emotions have taken me down roads I wish I had never gone. At the time I felt powerless to turn around – because my emotions colored my entire reality, and I couldn’t comprehend anything else. 

But how amazing the clarity that comes when the fog of your own emotion lifts. 

I don’t think I can ever change the way I am wired – this is who I am. I have never known middle ground – it is both my greatest strength and my greatest weakness. When I am happy, joy electrifies and explodes my whole being. When I grieve, I shatter. And when I love, I am entirely consumed. These will always be the intensities that course through me every waking day. 

So be it – but let my emotions always be conformed to what is pure and real. Let them never be the master of me, but I, the master of them. And let the gentle whisper of my Father always be my guiding truth, even in the midst of the raging loud storm that is me. 


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