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Through it all. 

Maybe destiny isn’t so much a place we are going to, nor a task we will set out to do – but more of the person we will become through it all. 

Every fire, every trial, every form of testing refines our hearts in meekness, faithfulness and humility before God – if we respond rightly. 

And every joy, every victory, every single fight won molds our hearts in understanding of His nature – that we may delight to love Him more.

I think destiny is the complete fullness of a heartbeat thriving in oneness with Jesus – that having done all we may stand, and stand victorious before the One we know and love. 

– pilgrim on a journey home. 

Destiny, Musings, The Church


I think sometimes we overromanticize the notion of “going”. But more often than not, faithfulness looks like staying. It looks like tending to what we have been given in the here and now. It looks like investing in the lives of the people around us. It looks like showing up in the mundane day to day. It’s not as glamorous, nor as exciting, but faithfulness never is. What it is though, is necessary. Yes, there is a whole world out there full of the broken and hurting, and maybe there will be a time and season to “go”. But there are broken and hurting people right in our own backyard. In our families, in our communities. We barely notice because we are too selfish and caught up in our own lives and ideas in the sky. We pretend not to notice because it is not as glamorous to get our hands and feet dirty in the ordinary. 

But that’s where it really is. That’s where Love is needed the most.