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sweet love // a word, from me to you. 

I’ve held love so precious and tender in my hands.. and I’ve had love robbed from me just as cruelly as a newborn child is ripped from its mother. I’ve tasted of love so sweet only for it to slip through my fingers as I cried helpless. So believe me when I tell you sorrowfully to appreciate the love you have when you have it. If you have love, real love, the kind that makes you feel at home and sends fire coursing through your veins all at the same time, fight to keep it. Fight even if the whole universe tries to keep you from it. Love is always worth it. I sit here and write to you with trembling fingers hoping that one day I get to hold love like that again, and keep it this time. 


2 thoughts on “sweet love // a word, from me to you. 

  1. Resurrected101 says:

    Perhaps in time we’ll learn what love really entails. It has a way of unfolding for each and everyone of us. Those who feel much like you do, and to an extent like I do, would wander and wonder – but it keeps us alive. Love ebbs and flow. One day, I would like to learn to let go, and perhaps then, it may work. In the mean time, self heal and heal through Him. Rest. Take care stranger.


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