Grace, Prayer, Process, The Voyage, Trials, Wilderness

This is about faith.

When it’s new it’s all exciting isn’t it? But as the years go by and as our hurts pile up, our hearts harden against God. Staying in love is hard when you are full of disappointment and disillusionment.

I for one am still on a journey of rediscovering what it means to stay faithful, even after all these years. To allow my heart to soften and to trust again.

A bruised reed You said You will not break, so please be patient with me God.


Dreaming in October

I still have nightmares about the past sometimes. I call them nightmares and not dreams because I do not want them. I do not want to be reminded of any of it. But I tell myself that it is just my subconcious healing.

Dreams are just dreams after all right?

What matters more is the here and now.

This is the live I have chosen to live. This is who I have chosen to love. And my choices have gotta count for something.