Intimacy, Love

A thousand ways of I love you

I fall in love with you a thousand ways every single day. I love the way your eyes sparkle with mischief, and I love the way they soften with tenderness when they look at me. I love your strong arms at night when they hold me to sleep. I love the calm and determined way you tell me, “I’m here, I’m always here” when tears are pouring down my face. I love how you silence my roaring thoughts. I love the way you treat your mama, it gives me a glimpse of how you will treat me when the years finally show on my face. I love your presence, your simple quiet presence. I love how you see good in everything, in everything and in me. I love the way you fall asleep, bundled up, your chest, rising, falling – so peaceful and perfect and unaware. I love your broad shoulders, how they never seem to carry the weight of the world (they make me believe I could be as weightless too). I love when you’re tired and grumpy, I love when you’re fresh out the shower, hair puffy and in the most endearing mess. I love the tender side you don’t show to anyone else but me. I love the way your eyes crinkle at the sides when you laugh at something silly I did. I’m always silly when I’m with you – you do that to me. You make me the lightest, happiest version of myself.

And that’s what love is isn’t it? You taught me love is simple and pure. It is happy and kind. It is days of laughter, and it is days of the mundane, my hands always intertwined with yours. It breathes life back into the darkest corners of the broken human heart. Aren’t you happy that we found it? That we found us? I’m so happy.

I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you. I’ll say it to you a thousand times over until my words become your reality, just as yours have become mine.

Intimacy, Love, Poetry, Words

you are the dream of my aching heart come true.

you lay in hazy golden sunlight

– so tender and sweet as you sleep.

(i once dreamed of a moment like this.)

at the sight of you,

my soft and withered heart heals.

// written this morning before he stirred awake.

Consecration, Intimacy, Worship

With all my heart. 

I’ve always loved the story of Mary and her alabaster jar. Withholding nothing she broke her most precious treasure and poured it all out upon the feet of the One she loved. 

Do you know how you have come face to face with the presence of God? It is when the only response that remains is the burning desire to pour all of yourself out before Him. To give and give and give of every last drop of your soul until there is absolutely nothing left. 

More than just emotion, more than just fleeting feelings, the Holy Spirit quickens us out of our natural apathy and selfishness as we behold the face of One so worthy that we cannot help but to desperately fall at His feet and freely give our all. 

“I want to be Yours. Please, only let me be Yours.” This is the heart wrenching cry that rings through the chambers of my dry and dusty soul when His presence sweeps over my heart like a fiery wind. 

To be fully given to the One who has given it all to be near to us. To yield and surrender into perfect oneness. To love, not just in parts but in complete and utter entirety. This – this is the sweetest fragrance of worship. 

“… And you shall love the Lord Jehovah your God with your whole heart and with your entire soul and with your entire mind and with all your power.” Mark 12:30 

Intimacy, Longing, Love, Worship

Take me back to the beginning

How do I praise You in my brokenness? How do I give You what You are worthy of when I am only half full? How do I sing, even in my pain, fear and mistrust? 

Bring me back to that place where I could come to You in abandonment. Take me back to when love was simple. Take me back to when trust did not have to make sense. 

I want to sing again. I want to love well again. 

Destiny, Eternity, Intimacy, Process, The Voyage

Through it all. 

Maybe destiny isn’t so much a place we are going to, nor a task we will set out to do – but more of the person we will become through it all. 

Every fire, every trial, every form of testing refines our hearts in meekness, faithfulness and humility before God – if we respond rightly. 

And every joy, every victory, every single fight won molds our hearts in understanding of His nature – that we may delight to love Him more.

I think destiny is the complete fullness of a heartbeat thriving in oneness with Jesus – that having done all we may stand, and stand victorious before the One we know and love. 

– pilgrim on a journey home. 

Intimacy, Wilderness

Never Run Dry 

When my soul begins to despair within me, I turn to the Author of life and ask Him to fill my being. Lift up your head Isabel. There is One who can calm the seas within you. He hears your every cry and He will be so faithful to carry you. When you are dry and weary, run to Him – He satisfies, He really really does.


Your arms enfold me, till I am only

A child of God.