Longing, Musings, Process

The musings of early JuneĀ 

The days crawl by so slow but one day you wake up and it’s June already. Time oh time, where did you go from me? I fear reaching the end of this year and realizing nothing’s changed at all. I’m tired of running around in circles and coming up short every time. 

Please, there must be more than this. 

Process, The Voyage, Trials, Wilderness

a new beginning

2016, you were strange and hard. Happy in some ways yes, but mostly just really, really tired. I am so relieved to see you go. I will be taking the lessons learnt with me, but with the deepest breath I let go and empty my soul of everything else that was never meant for me to carry. This little heart only has room for so much.. For the longest time it has tried to cope with more than it can bear but now I just want to breathe again. 

2017, I welcome you with pale and trembling arms – hoping against hope that you will, please, be better.