Some nights I lie awake and question everything that I believe. Everything that I know and hold so dear. Everything that I so stake my life on. 

I think the measure of how much you truly believe in something is how crippled you would be if you discovered it were not true after all. 

Destiny, Longing, Prayer, Purpose, Wilderness

Breathe Darling, Breathe

Today I’m holding on to this. I love the familiar, I love the knowing, and stepping out of my little boat into the unknown can be so frightening. But better to brave the waves with Him than to spend my entire life hiding in the comfortable. What if? What if? I never want to be haunted by those two words. Let me be brave enough to pursue the dreams He has placed inside my heart. Let me trust the heart of a good, good Father who will take care of me as I go about His will.