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Love Wins

In the midst of the darkest and most confused hour in human history, may the Lord find a remnant faithful unto Him. As His eyes search to and fro throughout the earth, may He find an entire generation given over to Him, no matter the cost. May He find consecrated ones standing for Jesus, standing for truth, standing for love. Real love – the kind that goes hand in hand with truth, righteousness and saving grace – not the kind that celebrates perversion, compromise, and political correctness.

When the whole world rises up to shake their fists at You, let the wise be found on Your side. When the nations rage against You, let the humble be found hidden under the shelter of Your wings. When the masses gather to hate Your ways and curse Your name, let the faithful be found loving and exalting Your name.

Strengthen Your saints Lord! Keep us standing to the end. When You return, You will find faith on this earth.

Love, Musings

Perception vs Reality

The thing about truth is that it is never subjective. Reality does not hinge on our perceptions of it. If one’s perception and another differs, then who is right? They can’t both be right, because that would nullify each other out.

If I say I am a man, if I believe with all my heart I am a man, does that make me a man? If I were to hate the female body I was born in, if I refused to accept it, will that change the fact that I am a woman, and I will always be a woman? So what is the truth? Does it change based on what I choose to believe?

Perception is not always reality. The truth does not change based on our ability to accept it. And we know that anything other than the truth is a lie, a falsehood, a complete delusion – no matter how much we want to believe in it.

And applauding somebody trapped in a prison of lies is not love.