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Mercy Pulled Me Back

“You remind me of things forgotten..”

Oh how thankful I am that I came – it really was His perfect timing. I needed it more than I realized. Needed to hear again, needed to see again – the things forgotten, the things I pushed out of sight because it was so much easier to just forget. But He doesn’t forget. For the longest time I was drowning. Carrying the weight of toxic that I should never have let myself carry. 

But in the midst of my foolishness, the Lord fought so fiercely for me. The more I think upon it the more I realize that all along He has been fighting for me. Mercy, mercy everywhere I turn. Mercy that reached for me in the midst of my blindness and pulled me out. I see it all so clear now. 

It is time to breathe again Isabel. Breathe in the freedom you didn’t even know you lost along the way. 

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There is a treasure in every season but you have to open up your eyes to see it. For the longest time I had just been floating – utterly paralyzed this strange limbo of aching and waiting. My eyes kept looking forward, which I guess is not a bad thing in itself, but in doing so I had let everything else that was around me slip by. I lived so much for the future that I forgot the present. 

But two days ago during lunch with a dear friend, it dawned on me then what a beautiful life I have right now. This season I am in is such a gift from God. And I am happy, I really am.  

All these incredible promises spoken over my life and my heart… but in the process of waiting for them to come to pass, I had fallen into such mourning and declared my present as barren. Isn’t that mighty foolish? Because I look around me and all I see is goodness. 

I don’t want to wait anymore. Let what come may, but I don’t want to put my life on hold anymore. 

I want to live.