Pain, Trials, Wilderness, Words

Broken pieces // the shattered remains of what could have been

I’m standing here. I’m standing here and I’m looking around me and all I see are broken pieces. I kneel down and try to pick them up – but all I do is cut myself on these ragged glass edges. Tell me what to do. Pleasejust tell me what to do. 

I can’t bear the sight of all this. 

Love, Pain, Poetry, Words


I used to call you a stranger 

I shook my head and laughed 

when you asked me to marry you

“You don’t even know me!”

Grinning, you said, “I know enough.”


The days passed 

I fell in love 

Fondly I called you 

my home, my safe place 

The steady rhythm of your heart 

comforted me like nothing I’d ever known. 

Nothing else mattered 

when your strong arms held me close.


But just as time comes for everything 

so did it come for us.

And for reasons I will never understand 

now you have become

a stranger again. 

Pain, Trials, Wilderness

Tired, Just Tired. 

It’s been a weary few months, with my heart being tossed to and fro by the waves. Most of the time my pain feels like a maze I will never be able to climb my way out of. I am tired of the uncertainty that surrounds me. I speak of hope to the people around me, even though I am not sure if I have any left for myself. There are nights when I lie in bed with tears falling down my face, wondering how I ever got here to this place. Wondering why I keep looking for happiness in the place I lost it. I cry myself to exhaustion, and finally fall asleep in a dreamless haze, only to wake up to questions unanswered and longings unfulfilled yet again.

Please heal my heart Jesus. I don’t know how to heal it myself. I don’t know how I got here.